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Focusing on Child Development through Play.

Our challenge is to create an environment that stimulates and attracts our children’s natural curiosity.

We know playing is learning, and interaction between children helps to build the stepping stones to social development, understanding and cohesion.

Children’s expressions of joy through smiles and laughter illuminate our souls.

Our focus is to help children to build self confidence through achievement and a positive ‘yes we can’ attitude.

Physical activities are essential to counterbalance the increase of time spent on sedentary activities such as watching television and computer use.

As founder of Europe’s indoor adventure play industry some 40 years ago, I see the adventure getting more and more exciting – the more we learn the wider our vistas open.

Our potential to create worthwhile advances in play enthuse me into searching for more stimulating activities for children, tactile, motor and sensory.

Please join our quest to progress children’s play; it’s our kids, our communities, and their future world in our hands now.

We can make it happen by working together.

Rupert Oliver

rupert oliver
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